Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What is GMC?

GlobalMarket Group is an international trade marketing corporation. Now with more than 30 field offices and a staff of 1,000, the company is committed to establishing the GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) Community, where qualified Chinese manufacturers are incorporated and able to stand out among the rest. By attending global exhibitions, offering eMarketing and providing sourcing solutions, GlobalMarket bridges the gap between global buyers and GMC manufacturers.

Our Advantages

GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate)
In 2004, GlobalMarket established GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate), a standard with which to evaluate qualified manufacturers, using the 8 GMC Benchmarks, which were developed after surveying approximately 20,000 international buyers. GMC aims to save buyers time when screening suitable Chinese manufacturers as well as lower the potential risk in the process of sourcing. GlobalMarket’s member manufacturers have been on-site factory audited by the world’s leading certification authorities, such as ITS and TÜV. Only those in accordance with GMC standard can be awarded the certification, as well as the detailed GMC Audit Report.

Comprehensive Manufacturer Matching
GlobalMarket sets up a consultancy department to provide in-depth and tailor-made matching solutions for global buyers. Accurate product matching identifies suitable Chinese suppliers and products at the specific request of buyers. Anytime sourcing meetings offer various ways for qualified Chinese manufacturers and professional global buyers to meet with each other at the most convenient and appropriate times and places. The video matching conference, office sourcing meetings, factory tours and sourcing salons are examples of those solutions.

Global Exhibition Tour
GlobalMarket is the most-active company participating in significant global trade shows, with more than 20 per industry annually. The company is constantly aspiring to innovate comprehensive sourcing solutions for visiting buyers. E-inquiries and hotel promotion projects are examples of these solutions

GlobalMarket Members

GlobalMarket now boasts a global buyer community, including GE, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot and Auchan. The company provides tailor-made sourcing services for these international sourcing giants in China, as well as professional logistic services, such as, trade lane information quotation inquiries, online bookings and track & trace services.

Primarily, the GMC members are leading export experts in China, such as, Haier, the fourth largest white appliance manufacturer in the world and the most valuable brand name of China; Midea, a top 20 Chinese enterprise of global competitive strength; Glanz, the largest microwave oven manufacturer in the world; Little Swan, the third biggest washing machine manufacturer in the world; Supor, the captain of the cookware industry in China and the third largest in the world; TCL; Changhong; and Chigo are all among this elite group.


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