Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunshine LED Lighting : Great profits in 2011

In recent years, governments are aware of LED lighting, energy efficient lighting products as an important new role, Europe and other Western countries began the first large-scale promotion of the use of LED products. Global LED market compound annual growth rate of over 20%, the future will remain a high growth rate. In 2003, China officially launched the “China Semiconductor Lighting Project”; “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the Ministry of Science and semiconductor lighting project will also be listed as “863 plans of major special projects”, LED industry has become a national focus on the development industry, LED technology matures, industry accelerated.

Currently, LED products in the information display, LCD backlight, landscape lighting, and other fields has been more widely used, and indoor lighting, special lighting, public lighting, automotive lighting, LED and other fields will be the fastest growing areas of the future, LED energy saving lighting products will be the highlight of the new market. For a long time, the sun lighting in the lighting product development, design has accumulated a wealth of experience and technical reserves, the formation of the domestic and international sales network channels.

Companies raise funds in this investment project LED energy saving lighting products will use the existing strong market channels and product development and design experience in lighting, LED lighting products to form the independent product design capability, the unique raw material processing capacity, the formation of product design and downstream production synergies to further enhance the economics of LED lighting products and applicability to effectively increase market competitiveness.

Long-term performance of energy efficiency projects boost growth proceeds of this offering investment projects in line with national industrial policies and the future direction of the company’s overall strategic development, with good market prospects. Micro-environmental energy-saving lamps Mercury project put into operation, is expected to fully reach 8.5 billion annual sales revenue, total profit of 104 million yuan; Xiamen Sun Yan-resistant energy-efficient lighting products, LED lighting, the project put into operation, is expected to fully reach annual sales revenues of approximately 1.7 billion , the total profit of about 2.5 million.