Monday, November 10, 2008

What is the new pattern of clothing competition?

People are all familiar with “Bosideng”. when most consumers are linked with the down jacket when the connotation of the brand extension has been quietly – Bosideng Men’s, women’s fashion in recent years have been hatching, the use of a powerful down jacket open access, and have achievement of a rapid mode of replication.

In fact, many times, the truth survival is more simple than imagine – just find out who is the real opponent. Apparel brands made in china are all aware of the intense competition present, in which the established pattern, that opponent, identify opponents to respond to market changes has been long, is brand evergreen, to be on a long way.

Just in a few days, West St. was completed on the development of the country from the CHIC investment, the investment orientation of the summit talks, to the overall expansion of the channel. Step by step to winning business strategy, let us get a taste of the West St. “master” style. Then, the channel construction of the West St. was how to start? What are the highlights of each step will be? Channel Building in West St. was the birth of a new model will

Not difficult to find , it is the courage to boldly go, into the international market, and work with foreign well-known designers, and never stop the creative spirit that St west men clothing will always retain his unique charm. Elegant and comfortable at the same time, it has fashion taste. This is the most important core competition St west has.