Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is Kids Fashion Color Trend in spring 2012?

MPD (British online tidal current tendency website) had issued 2012 spring summer female attire popular colors tendency the other day, the subject for the water in trail. T Then in 2012 children’s clothing’s fashion apparel wholesale trend will have what kind of change? As soon as let us come to see in 2012 first to result in the children’s clothing tidal current!

Kids Color: Kids palette is orange starfish, sea anemones, bright vivid colors such as yellow light, ocean blue glowing. A dark dull blue-green aquatic hue and contrast for the color palette to add a bit tough.

Fascinating and beautiful water world is the subject of design inspiration source. “Water footprint” of this trend-depth study of the depths of the ocean theme of the delicate ecosystem, the increasingly serious environmental problems of modern forces us to realize the value of water and the benefits of the coastline there, we need a spirit of innovation to take advantage of large natural energy.

The theme of trends during the three distinct phases, the interpretation of the season has the popular features of the various stages. The first is the first stage, about the late winter and early spring is the period of the popular fashion design content; then the second phase of the transition period in the spring and summer; the last is a summary of the third stage, the contents of the entire summer season, reflecting a trend in each gradual change in the content.

Bring us the mystery of ocean marine water the depth of the green, from the pale sea mist color, to the bright blue lakes and bright. Light and delicate coral to give a pleasant feel, soft, deep sea lobster shells red and deep pink and a combination of inspiration. Soft golden sand color and the entire color palette add a dash of warmth, reflecting the deep-sea exploration of the theme. Blue after the storm makes this a more gentle tone, showing a smooth, soothing effect.

Sports equipment for the whole palette of citrus yellow color palette adds a fresh, vibrant feel. Through the gentle waves and intense vortex, once again highlights the ocean water green hue. Peat increases the red tone for this combination a natural effect.


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